When you think of the warm goodness of ginger, think of Gingeray!

Now that’s a phrase that you don’t hear often, but one to believe when it comes to Gingeray. 


We don’t make or spell boba like everyone else, because the extra B in our bobba stands for Be Healthy!


With Gingeray, you can enjoy great taste without the guilt. We only use the most natural and healthy ingredients without skimping on the delicious boba tea taste. With us, you can be sure to find great tasting beverages with your health and taste buds in mind.


You can say we’re the only Malaysian bobba brand with that well-loved, local kopitiam taste you’ve grown to love.


So go ahead, treat yourself to a cup of healthy goodness with our all-natural bobba range or your kopitiam favourites, specially made to make you smile from the inside out.


💛Ready for an extra kick? Add sweetness and warmth to your life with our special mix of natural coconut sugar and brown sugar with our special soil-less Bentong Ginger powder. 100% natural, you can taste the healthy goodness in our specially brewed, homemade sugar.


💛Feeling adventurous and want healthier ingredients? Ask for Gingeray Seaweed Bobba to be added to your drink. Made from 100% natural seaweed with a dash of ginger, our bobba is chewy, yummy and easy on your tummy.



A Few Words About Us


Spreading love and health with warm rays of ginger.


💛Just like the sun, ginger brings an uplifting warmth to your body and spirit. And just like our name, we hope to bring the same warmth to your life with ginger. 


Why do we love ginger so much? Not only does it add a delicious spiciness to our drinks, it’s good for health and has many healing properties. It helps with improving digestion, reducing nausea and inflammation, as well as regulating your blood sugar levels. 


Our Bentong ginger, which many say is the best, is locally grown without soil, using eco-friendly fertiliser. Just as the ginger we grow, all our ingredients are 100% natural.


 We care for the environment as much as we care for your health, because what’s good for the environment is naturally good for us.

Our Tough On The Outside, Soft On The Inside Buddy


💛We first met our friend, Mr. Gingeray, the hardworking, cute pangolin when we started our ginger farm many years ago.

You see, the ants loved the EM technology fertiliser that we used for our crops. 


EM is just a fancy word to say that our fertiliser is 100% natural, and not to mention sweet! We had a hard time dealing with the ants until this cute pangolin came for a visit, and the rest as they say, is history.


We fell in love with our pangolin because of his natural solution to our ant visitors, which is what our company is all about – 100% natural ingredients because what’s good for the environment is only good for us.


While he is resilient on the outside with his hard exterior and constantly working round the clock at our farm, our pangolin friend is actually a softie on the inside who cares about his friends, family and the environment. 


He’s just like Gingeray Natural Seaweed Boba – tough on the outside, soft on the inside!


💛Caroma startGingeray, another great brand from Caroma Food (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. Cultivating great taste since 1976.

Caroma Food (M) Sdn Bhd started in 1976, supplying coffee and tea to local kopitiams market. We’ve been going strong as a beverage maker that takes pride in using only natural ingredients, which is good for your health and the environment.

In 2006, we established Caroma Café and our own line of pre-mix beverages that includes coffee, tea and chocolate drinks. As an OEM company, we also have helped several brands create their own pre-mixes.

💛Later on in 2016, we entered into a partnership with ENE plantation and started growing high quality, soil-less Bentong ginger the eco-friendly way. That was the start of the Caroma brand that we launched in 2017, which focuses on healthy ginger beverages. Today, you can taste the warm goodness of Caroma ginger in Gingeray’s Signature Black Sugar, Seaweed Bobba and Milk Tea with Black Sugar.

To further bring the goodness of Caroma ginger to the market, we launched Gingeray in 2019.  We carefully select everything that goes into our beverages to make sure that you only get the best when you enjoy a cup of Gingeray! Every ingredient used for all our drinks is 100% natural, environmentally grown or sourced, and lovingly prepared by Caroma Food (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.



Started off as a coffee and tea supplier to local kopitiams and China market


Established Caroma Café (M) Sdn Bhd


Awarded ISO22000, HACCP, MeSTI and Halal certification


Launched Caroma Café products, while creating custom-made beverages for other brands


Established Nanning Te Neng Trading distribution office in China


Joint-partnership with BEAM Café Malaysia


Joint-partnership with ENE plantation


Launched the brand Caroma, which focuses on ginger products


Established Caroma Marketing Sdn Bhd for marketing and business development of brands


Launched boba tea franchise, Gingeray


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